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Pink Hair Dye

Semi-permanent gel hair dye is applied to hair that has shades from ultra-light blond to light blond, or to lightened or bleached hair. A bright creative color can be obtained on pre-lightened hair. The exposure time is 35 minutes. Pink hair dye is a popular trend that was appreciated in the seventies of the last century. During the development of punk rock and related subcultures, not only girls, but also young guys dyed their hair in such shades. Pink hair color was considered popular. In modern times, pink hair dye helps to radically change the image, stand out from others, is a way of self-expression. To get a pink hair color, pink hair dye is applied to the entire length of the hair with strokes, feathers or certain strokes, mixing several shades of pink. Strict criteria - hair can be both waist-length and decorated in a neat bob haircut. If a girl does not have a lot of time to visit salons, then it is recommended to color not the whole head, but to use partial coloring techniques - shatush, ombre, etc. In this case, the procedure should be carried out less frequently, since the natural roots emphasize the shade of the tips. Before coloring, you should pay attention to the fact that with this color scheme all imperfections on the face are emphasized, whether it is uneven makeup or any scars on the skin. With such hair, you will have to use decorative cosmetics very carefully, correctly selecting the tone of each product. This problem is especially relevant when covering in a pale pink, bright strawberry or gold color. Owners of gray strands should pay attention to the fact that the dyeing result may differ from the one promised by the manufacturer. To understand what the hair will be like in the end, you can focus on the numbers that mark all the dyes.

Unitones exclusive gel formula semi-permanent hair colors offers a perfect ..
Unitones exclusive gel formula semi-permanent hair colors offers a ...
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