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Yellow Hair Dye

Yellow hair dye allows you to play with shades, experiment with images and not be afraid of fashion changes. It has many palettes containing dynamic hues. Yellow hair dye can be used on both natural and artificial hair shades. The product provides a rich, dynamic color. At the same time, during the dyeing process, the yellow hair dye takes care of the hair. Yellow hair color can betray unusual images that can be changed at least once a month. Semi-permanent hair color does not require the use of an oxidizing agent. The shade of direct-action dye must be selected based on its color type. To preserve the yellow hair color, the hair must be washed with a shampoo that preserves the pigment on the hair.  If necessary, you can test the dye for an allergic reaction 48 hours before use. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Bright yellow hair dye is becoming the choice of those who do not like to be left out. Yellow color can reveal itself in different ways on girls with different types of appearance and hair structure, but it will definitely give a good mood every day. Usually, yellow hair color goes well with pink and lilac shades in the wardrobe - another confirmation that yellow is for especially extravagant persons. Yellow hair color with dark shades in clothes will not look very advantageous. Yellow hair dye is a professional hair color. They do not contain ammonia. Discoloration is recommended before use. The lighter the hair, the better the result. Apply the color to washed and dried or dry hair. Wait 15-30 minutes. You can increase the waiting time for more intense color. Rinse off the dye well with water. The color holds up to 8 -12 washes of hair, depending on the condition and structure of the hair. It is recommended to use the dye within a year after opening the package. Store the jar in a cool, dry place, closing tightly beforehand. Gloves are recommended when dyeing. The dye comes with instructions. 

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Unitones exclusive gel formula semi-permanent hair colors offers a ...
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