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Turquoise Hair Dye

Turquoise hair dye will decorate your hair with bright colors and add originality to the image, but you need to pay attention to the tinting color. Turquoise hair dye will brighten your curls with vibrant, rich shades. Semi-permanent hair color has a long-lasting effect. Turquoise hair color is washed out after shampooing 12-15 times. It does not damage the curls. The product's formula is enriched with hair care ingredients. Turquoise hair dye strengthens the structure of the strands and makes them stronger. Prevents dryness and brittleness. To get a turquoise hair color, you need to tint individual strands or ends. With this dye, it is easy to create a new, bright and unusual image at home. Be sure to read the instructions before use and follow them. To get a bright shade for an insanely rich hair color, the dye must be applied to previously bleached or highlighted hair. Mix color gel with water and create your own style. For a beautiful pastel shade on previously bleached hair, the hair must be damp. The color applied on the arm will be an indication of how the shade will look on the hair. It is important to leave it on for 1-5 minutes and then rinse it off. Finally, you will need to rinse the gloves and save them for re-coloring. Turquoise light-colored hair dye is similar to the famous turquoise stones and the color of the water surface in the Maldives - that is, the color is undoubtedly the most luxurious and expensive. Often, the turquoise color is bypassed, fearing that it will go green, but with this turquoise dye you cannot be afraid of this. Turquoise hair is actually a great way to highlight blue eyes. Turquoise hair color goes well with other summer and ocean shades due to its brightness and neutral tone.

Unitones exclusive gel formula semi-permanent hair colors offers a perfect ..
Unitones exclusive gel formula semi-permanent hair colors offers a ...
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